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    CLASSIFICATION: School Administrator – Site Administrator Level

    REPORTS TO: Superintendent

    SUMMARY: The school principal shall be under the direct supervision of the Superintendent and shall have responsibility to Assistant Superintendents and Directors for the implementation of District-approved programs and procedures.

    1. Shall interview, screen, and recommend the teaching, clerical, nursing, para-professional, and custodial staff from the referred list of candidates from the Personnel Department. Recommend staff based on qualifications and District policies.
    2. Shall assign selected staff to positions best suited for potential success.
    3. Shall visit the classroom or other work places frequently, and systematically record areas of strength and weaknesses of employees.
    4. Shall objectively evaluate staff according to the District schedule, or as needed, and send written evaluation reports to the Personnel Department.
    5. Shall provide written progress reports on detected areas of concern with each staff member on an ongoing basis.
    6. Shall assign work to staff according to the developed job descriptions.
    7. Shall alert staff to District newsletters, policies, and procedures through written staff bulletins and staff meetings, as needed.
    8. Shall assign staff to adequate supervision of pupils and facilities.
    9. Shall confer with and solve staff differences at the earliest possible time.
    10. Shall supervise and assume responsibility for all school personnel in carrying out their responsibilities.
    11. Shall provide in-service to staff on job requirements and procedures on an ongoing basis and shall request assistance from District staff in areas in which specific expertise is needed.
    12. Shall inspect and review questionable and frequent illnesses and industrial injuries and shall alert staff when abuse is evident.
    13. Shall assign work responsibilities, inspect, and supervise the cleanliness and care of the school facility.
    14. Shall make thorough inspection of school facilities for compliance with fire, insurance, and health requirements.
    15. Shall assume the responsibility for school facility assigned, shall be available after hours in case of fire and severe vandalism, and shall provide security for facilities and equipment to protect the interest of the District.
    16. Shall submit loss reports, self-inspection reports, etc., as scheduled.
    17. Shall assign staff to correct deficiencies detected on self-inspection and health department reports.
    18. Shall requisition building maintenance for items not covered by school custodians.
    19. Shall provide for storage, maintenance, and updating of Policy Handbooks, State Statutes, Departmental Procedures, and Curriculum Guides, and shall yearly review pertinent information contained in these documents with staff.
    20. Shall provide for school handbook; staff bulletins; parent, staff, and pupil newsletters.
    21. Shall outline procedures for staff in-service and school personnel; inspect and assume full responsibility for accuracy in the registration of pupils, registers, attendance records, permanent record cards, confidential folders, inventory book, etc.
    22. Shall provide for the safe storage and management of all records and keep confidential all personnel and pupil records.
    23. Shall provide for the timely submission of reports, as scheduled.
    24. Shall enforce the prescribed goals, scope and sequence, objectives, and subject-area time allotments.
    25. Shall schedule students to regular and special classes.
    26. Shall provide for regular pupil assemblies to enrich the needs of the school and community.
    27. Shall require and review lesson plans of all instructional staff to determine coverage of objectives, scope and sequence.
    28. Shall encourage and enforce homework policy.
    29. Shall encourage library book usage to enrich classroom activities and shall review book usage.
    30. Shall review teachers' record books for objective recording of pupil progress.
    31. Shall requisition supplies, materials, and textbooks to support program and effectively manage the school allocations provided.
    32. Shall review the individual achievement of pupils to assess if work is up to potential.
    33. Shall review pupil and class achievement with each instructional staff member and shall alert staff to deficiencies and successes.
    34. Shall establish a high expectancy level achievement for all instructional programs and activities.
    35. Shall make recommendations for supplemental services to pupils and staff to increase all areas of achievement.
    36. Shall objectively assess overall pupil achievement and make recommendations to staff not meeting expectancy levels.
    37. Shall assume full responsibility for school achievement.
    38. Shall enforce District policies on pupil promotion, retention, and state graduation requirements.
    39. Shall communicate the high expectancy level of discipline to staff and pupils.
    40. Shall establish written rules to guide consistent procedures for pupil discipline.
    41. Shall assign school staff to insure adequate supervision during passing and recess time.
    42. Shall investigate reported misbehavior and shall provide due process for each individual pupil.
    43. Shall enforce the discipline procedure outlined by the District.
    44. Shall oversee discipline procedures to insure fair and equitable punishment.
    45. Shall review and make final recommendation for suspension, according to District procedures.
    46. Shall assume full responsibility to insure that all children have a free and safe place to attend school and are protected from undue abuse by other children.
    47. Shall work to establish a low percentage of absence of pupils and contact parents and take court action for attendance abusers, if necessary.
    48. Shall establish and maintain an active Parent/Teacher Organization with regularly scheduled meetings. (Parent Advisory Committees shall not be considered Parent/Teacher Organizations.)
    49. Shall require teachers to participate in Parent/Teacher Organization as per Agreement.
    50. Shall make contact with churches and civic organizations in school attendance area to interpret programs of the school.
    51. Shall provide the use of school facilities to community groups as per the District's policy and procedures
    52. Shall be available to and return parent calls to solve children/school problems.
    53. Shall explain in the educational program and District direction to the parents and community.
    54. Shall work with community groups to provide service to pupils needing assistance.
    55. Shall attend and participate in scheduled administrative meetings.
    56. Shall recognize and respect the feelings of colleagues.
    57. Shall set the tone for dress appropriate for school environment.
    58. Shall frequently review District policies and procedures to enable appropriate enforcement.
    59. Shall attend a minimum of eight board meetings each year, and be prepared to present innovative programs to board and public.
    • A Masters Degree from an accredited College of Education
    • A valid Arizona elementary teaching certificate.
    • A valid Arizona administrator's certificate for Principal.
    • At least three (3) years teaching experience in a public school system as a full-time teacher.
    • Contemporary human resource management theory, principles and practices.
    • Working knowledge of State requirements, curriculum and personnel management.
    • Knowledge of Arizona school law and finance.
    • Ability to work with people to develop and implement a team approach to management.
    • History of good health and consistent work habits, with minimal number of absences.
    • The working environment is primarily an office setting with some travel between schools and district office.
    • Twelve-month, Administrative Salary Schedule (Principal & Asst. Prin.), employee benefits in accordance with Board policies.

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